A Plan for Moving Forward

Building stronger Queensbury

John Stroughs planning for queensbury focuses on real issues along with strenghtening our community.

• Implement more government efficiencies to lower tax rates

• Continue with responsible budgeting to assure future fiscal health

• Design zoning for appropriate and tax-lowering commercial development

• Install signalization upgrades for Aviation and Bay Roads

• Negotiate new contracts for fire and EMS

• Improve environmental protection efforts: Lake George, Glen Lake and Lake Sunnyside

• Migrate documents and records to cloud for assured preservation

• Construct new highway garage and salt barns

• Continue with Clean Energy Communities program

• Develop Halfway Brook Trail as part of a comprehensive interconnecting trail system

• Install LEDs for building and street lights

• Redevelop the Ciba Geigy brownfield site

• Work on regional biosolid treatment solution

• Implement other economic development strategies